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Sent at 11:45 AM on Sunday
Jen: Hi, I heard you got a job. Congradulations. I hope all is well with you, truly.

Sent at 2:39 AM on Saturday
dallon: Ya its pretty cool, I dont make much but when Im in school the hours can be flexible and that works for me, hows work for you and ya its good to hear from you have a good day as well

Jen: Are you back in school? I'm so happy to hear that. Work is great. I work normal hours now 8-430 and I'm on my bilingual team's soccer league. With my dad being sick I pretty much only get to work/run/play soccer/and take care of my dad. I don't go out very much.

Sent at 12:25 PM on Saturday
dallon: No, I plan on starting school in the Spring, thats pretty mexican of you guys, its good to hear your getting some exercise, Im training for a triathlete next month so Im kind of in the same boat I just train, workout, work, and relax with the pup, Im real sorry to hear about your dad tell him i said hey

Sent at 12:29 PM on Saturday
dallon: I wish you guys well and hope things get better soon

Jen: Haha yeah it's super mexican lol..That's awesome! I was thinking of kicking my own ass and doing tough mudder with the GD team but I can't make plans that far in advance right now.. Thank you. I hope it gets better soon too. It's so hard to see him like this.

dallon: I wanna do tough mudder as well, Im trying to convince Kevin to do it with me, ya its pretty expensive to pay for now and not be able to do it later but it only gets more expensive

Jen: I know, it's a catch 22 for sure lol

dallon: for sure

Sent at 12:34 PM on Saturday
Jen: You said sorry a long time ago and with everything that's gone on lately, I've realized life could easily be cut short at any time, and I wanted to tell you that I forgive you. I don't like holding grudges and I don't like feeling negative towards someone who was my best friend for so long. I hope for the most wonderful life for you Dallon.

Sent at 12:37 PM on Saturday
dallon: Thanks, that means a lot. Ive always hoped for the most wonderful life for you as well :)

Jen: :)
It's settled then, we must now both live extraordinary lives.

dallon: yes exactly

Sent at 12:46 PM on Saturday
dallon: If not Knuckle sammich

Posted on 2011.09.30 at 03:45
How can I miss someone who hurt my feelings so badly and so many times. Why do my dreams waste their time on you?

I know it's selfish but...

Posted on 2011.09.17 at 12:21
I just wish I could go spend the day by the pool, see a movie, go out to dinner, go to some bars, go dancing...but until my dad's better I can't see myself doing any of that for a long time. I'm human so I know I shouldn't feel guilty for feeling that way, but I do.

Silly Dilly Dally

Posted on 2011.09.06 at 13:47
Dallon. though he had many imperfections--he could always make me laugh so much, and I kinda miss it. Okay, I miss it a lot.

I don't understand why I can't stop thinking about Dallon lately. Every place, every thing that could spring up a memory of him and I, does. It's mostly annoying cause I know he's not the Dallon I 'rarely' saw anymore..he's different. I want to stop thinking about him. Why can't I be in control of that?

Posted on 2011.08.28 at 02:34
Sometimes I miss you.
Most of the time I don't.
Right now... Unfortunately, I do.

God, in case you read livejournal posts...

Posted on 2011.08.18 at 17:12
Please, please, please make my dad better. 

I'll be ten times as sick for ten times as long. 

Just make him healthy, please.

 but I think I'm going to start saving up money/paying off my debt and go somewhere new.


I need new faces, food, music, architecture, modes of transportation, views, I can feel in my heart deep down into my soul that I was meant to see the world. 

I have to stop being so lazy. I have at least finally come to the realization that I don't need a boyfriend to be happy. I'm so content with just my friends and my family, that I honestly do have the chance at being someone's girlfriend right now--and I just don't want to be. I'm so happy being on my own and I don't think that I've learned nearly enough to let someone in again. In other words yes, I am afraid of love and letting love in, I am. But truly, I'm happy. I've grown so much in the past 9 months. I went from miserable relationship--that was better to be miserable together than unhappy alone, to unhappy alone, to desperately seeking sou lmate, to reliving ex-boyfriends, to I'm seeing a movie with my girls tonight--can I call you later this week?  I'm proud of myself. I've never been this strong before. Since I was 11 years old, I've had a boyfriend. The longest I spent single was ONE MONTH! One month to wonder Why? Why not me? How could he do this to me? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with him? What could I have done better? Maybe if we had done this, this wouldn't have.. Only to find someone new to completely infatuate myself with and therefore get over the last guy. I've done this more times than I can count. For once in my life, I can sit and practice the piano for 30 minutes, stare endlessly into a painting, walk aimlessly for hours and not once check my phone to see if "he" text me. He being whoever "he" is at the time. I love it. So to complete this Eat Pray Love tale, I must go somewhere new and meet an even better version of myself (hopefully) someone out of their comfort zone ready to soak up the world. 

I will do this. 

Posted on 2011.07.19 at 00:05
 Oh yeah, p.s. ElJay, I didn't get the lead position with Go Daddy. They gave it to someone who will not do the job I would've/have been doing. Oh well, next time, everything happens for a reason.

Posted on 2011.07.19 at 00:04
 I don't feel like sleeping :/ this new 8-430 schedule is awesome yet, annoying.

Interview for Lead at Go Daddy today!!!

Posted on 2011.06.29 at 10:56
 Life is sweet. Hope to get this. Nothing else matters except my friends and family. 

Boys are a waste of time, I'll wait for a man to sweep me away, thanks.

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